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Pest ManagementNewsFocus on: BerriesFruit

May 30, 2023
UC Davis releases five new disease-resistant strawberry varieties

Pest ManagementFeaturesResearch

May 13, 2023
Suppressing weeds with covers in sweet corn

Pest ManagementFeaturesAG WomenSustainability

April 10, 2023
Research and innovation Q&A: Biological basics

Pest ManagementFeatures

March 15, 2023
Getting to the root of plant parasitic nematodes

Pest ManagementNews

February 8, 2023
New B.C. plant and animal health lab in planning stages

Pest ManagementNewsTechnology

December 21, 2022
OMAFRA: Scouting orchards with drones?

Pest ManagementFeaturesEnvironment

December 1, 2022
Buzz building about new acaricide

Pest ManagementFeatures

November 9, 2022
AAFC: Buckwheat a beneficial triple threat in crop rotation

Pest ManagementNews

September 21, 2022
OMAFRA offers spotted lanternfly workshop

Pest ManagementFeaturesSpraying

August 29, 2022
AAFC researchers test projectile grit as weed control option

Pest ManagementEquipmentNews

August 24, 2022
New Steketee mechanical weeder offers control in ridge crops

Pest ManagementNewsEnvironment

July 11, 2022
B.C. expands coverage of pest management decision aid software

Pest ManagementFeaturesFocus on: Berries

June 6, 2022
OSU Extension to release SWD-parasitizing wasp

Pest ManagementNews

May 10, 2022
OMAFRA: Fire blight prediction maps now available

Pest ManagementNews

May 4, 2022
OMAFRA launches digital Ontario Crop Protection Hub

Pest ManagementFeatures

March 22, 2022
Bringing the Crazee Mite to the Canadian market

Pest ManagementFeatures

March 2, 2022
GHC: Grower quality assurance of biocontrol agents

Pest ManagementFeatures

February 16, 2022
Small but mite-y

Pest ManagementNewsPolicy

November 30, 2021
Officials respond to P.E.I. potato trade disruption

Pest ManagementFeaturesHarvesting

August 26, 2021
Updated storage potato harvest checklist

Pest ManagementNewsInsects

August 24, 2021
Monitoring for spotted lanternfly in Ontario

Pest ManagementNewsFruitInsects

August 18, 2021
OMAFRA berry bulletin highlights high SWD pressure

Pest ManagementNewsProductionVegetables

August 4, 2021
OMAFRA: Ontario vegetable crop pest update

Pest ManagementNews

May 25, 2021
Warm weather heats up Ontario apple pest problems

Pest ManagementNews

May 4, 2021
CABI launches online portal for biological pest control options

Pest ManagementNewsFocus on: Berries

April 14, 2021
New project for monitoring spotted wing drosophila

Pest ManagementNews

April 6, 2021
IPM tips to stay on top of early season apple pests

Pest ManagementNews

December 8, 2020
New invasive insect pest on Canada’s doorstep