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New invasive insect pest on Canada’s doorstep

December 8, 2020
By Fruit and Vegetable


Grape, tree fruit and hops growers in Ontario and Quebec, beware: the spotted lanternfly is spreading closer and closer to provincial borders. Native to Asia, the spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is a voracious sap-feeding insect that attacks various crops, landscape ornamentals and hardwood trees.

Since its discovery in Pennsylvania in 2014, the invasive pest has thwarted efforts to contain its spread. While there are no established populations in Canada yet, the spotted lanternfly has recently been detected in Michigan and New York. |READ MORE


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1 Comment » for New invasive insect pest on Canada’s doorstep
  1. Graham Gambles says:

    We have had an outbreak of WEE HARLEQUIN BUG in 1 Haskap orchard in Temiskaming, ON.

    OMAFRA reps Barry Potter (Temiskaming district) and Evan Elford (Simcoe Research Station) have been made aware of the situation.

    This stink bug seems to be invasive, coming from the USA. A few bugs were observed on Haskap plants, at flowering, in May 2019. Thousands were present in May 2020, and probably 90% of the blooms were sucked dry before pollination occurred.

    Greatest damage were on the most mature plants where scent of massive numbers of flowers may have attracted these stink bugs. Much less pressure on young plants with fewer blooms, and a crop was harvested from these young plants.

    Have identifying pictures available.

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