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GHC: Grower quality assurance of biocontrol agents

March 2, 2022  By Rose Buitenhuis, courtesy of Greenhouse Canada

Photo courtesy of Rose Buitenhuis.

When your package of biocontrol agents leaves the insectary, a lot of work has gone into making sure it will arrive in top condition at your doorstep. Nevertheless, a lot can happen in the time between shipping and release into the crop.

“If you see them crawling around, they should be fine.” This is a common response when people ask how they would know whether their biocontrols are okay.

While this observation can pass as a quick check, there’s much more you can do to test the quality of biocontrols. For instance, how many should you be seeing? Do they seem sluggish? Are they dead or just chilling? What does it mean if you see no movement at all? |READ MORE


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