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Many #cdnag growers have mitigated weather-related risks with greenhouses and high tunnels. But sophisticated new contained growing systems put production in the hands of non-traditional growers, with a variety of intensive micro-farming systems on offer.

Fruit that tastes like a combination of mango and banana might seem best-suited to a tropical climate, but the common pawpaw is native to southwestern Ontario and can be grown in southern B.C. and Quebec. Some growers are helping bring the pawpaw back.

It was great to partner with @greenhousecan on this! Thanks to @Dustyzam, Stephanie Slaman, Laura Bryce of @KwantlenU, Kim Wickwire of @OldsCollege, Niki Bennett of @ONgreenhouseVeg, and Tania Humphrey of @vinelandrsrch. #GrowingHort

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