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From the Editor: Start of something new

February 24, 2020  By Stephanie Gordon

Fruit and vegetable growers run some of the most agile operations. Whether it’s weather, regulation changes, or a shift in market demand, a plan is only just a plan. Being a grower is about responding to the environment around you to remain successful.

This issue explores a host of new ideas, lists this year’s new varieties, and also introduces a new editor.

I’m excited to learn more about fruit and vegetable production in Canada and I can’t wait to highlight producers who are pushing the envelope and exploring fresh ideas.


This new move represents a homecoming of sorts for me, because writing stories about fruit and vegetable production was what I gravitated toward in journalism school. Since then, I have worked on Top Crop Manager, our sister publication about field crops (also published by Fruit and Vegetable’s parent company Annex Business Media). Our team tries everything from Twitter to podcasts to engage our audience, and as the incoming editor for Fruit and Vegetable I hope to bring some of those ideas here.

Fresh ideas are transferable in any industry. I learned that the strength of agriculture lies in its community. There are many lessons to be gained when producers engage with producers who work in other sectors, such as crops or livestock. Like you, I will be trying out some ideas over the year and seeing what sticks.

I learned that the strength of agriculture lies in its community.

Some new ideas are also brought up within the pages of this issue as well. International contributor Chris McCullough travelled to Agritechnica in Germany to explore new products. On page 26, he shares a roundup of the innovative products coming down the pipeline for growers. New products can help the operation, but so can adding new experiences. On page 30, Cathy Bartolic shares how three different farms embraced their niche and expanded into agritourism. Finally, our organic perspective column follows two farmer-led research projects that find answers for organic vegetable growers through trial and error. These articles are just a taste of the fresh ideas that are circulating in our industry.

As I take some time to learn the ins and outs, I will rely on you, our audience, as my greatest source of information. From emails and interactions on social media, to a phone call or conversation at an industry event, your lines of communication to Fruit and Vegetable are always open. Please feel free to get in touch if you have an interesting story idea or a piece of industry insight to share. After all, you’re the experts in the field – and it’s my role to share your story.

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