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Archive: Fungicide resistance management: Best practices in pome fruit

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Join us for a free, 60-minute interactive webinar on Feb. 6, 2020, to learn more about how to combat the growing concern of fungicide resistance.

During this webinar, Katie Goldenhar, pathologist – horticulture crops at OMAFRA, will look at the history of fungicides and how some pathogens have been able to develop resistance to the most useful fungicide tools. The risk factors that play a role in the development of resistance to fungicide will also be discussed, as well as ways to combat fungicide resistant pathogens in cropping systems. Anne McRae, technical services specialist at BASF, will introduce Cevya, a new tool in a grower’s toolbox to combat fungicide resistance. Cevya fungicide is an innovative active ingredient for crop protection that was discovered and developed by BASF. Cevya is a unique fungicide amongst the triazole group of fungicides – it is the first Isopropanol-Azole. Its chemical characteristics allow for rapid uptake and steady translocation through the plant. The molecular shape binds strongly to the target enzyme for effective disease control. In research trials conducted across North America, Cevya was highly effective against apple scab in pome fruit.