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Siegers Seed Company releases new class of pumpkins

April 17, 2008  By Fruit & Vegetable

Siegers Seed Company has released two new pumpkin varieties and a new gourd variety, opening up a totally new class.

siegers-pumpkinsgoodKnuckle Head, Goose Bumps and Gremlins are the first three varieties of
the new Super Freak™ series. All three are heavily warted pumpkins and
a spectacular variety of unique gourds that are unlike anything
currently being sold in the decorative Halloween pumpkin/gourd market.

“They are completely unique,” said Roy Pearman, director of sales and
marketing for Siegers. “(They) give our growers something different to
sell in addition to their current pumpkin and gourd sales. These
varieties fit the market because they demonstrate a perfect theme for
Halloween by creating perfectly freaky and scary jack o’lanterns.”

Siegers Seed Company put more than 10 generations of breeding and dedication into the new pumpkin and gourd varieties.

Test marketing has shown the new class to be a hit with consumers.
“Nobody has ever seen anything like it,” said Pearman. “The Super
Freaks™ not only sell well, but they attract attention to the other
items being offered for sale. They truly increase profitability by
expanding the market.”

Since the varieties are opening a new class, Pearman sees this as “the
next big thing.” More sizes, shapes, and colours of warty pumpkins and
gourds are currently in development.

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