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COVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusiness

October 7, 2020
The ‘Canada Brand’ is back to help agri-food businesses with marketing

COVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesLabour

October 5, 2020
Applications open for funding to improve on-farm working conditions

COVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesHarvesting

September 18, 2020
Clarifying gathering limits and U-Pick farms


September 9, 2020
New Brunswick ag groups oppose glyphosate ban plan


August 28, 2020
Ontario invests more than $5.4 million to boost food processing sector


August 19, 2020
High incidence of second growth for Ontario’s fresh market growers


August 18, 2020
Spotty rainfall across P.E.I. leaves some producers feeling the heat

COVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesPolicy

August 14, 2020
Recipients of $50-million surplus food rescue fund announced

NewsFood SafetySeed

August 11, 2020
‘Low risk’: CFIA updates on unrequested packages of seeds

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

August 4, 2020
Windsor-Essex remains in Stage 2 amid COVID-19 outbreaks in ag sector

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

August 2, 2020
Canadian government invests $58.6 million in Temporary Foreign Worker Program amid COVID-19 outbreaks on farms

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

July 24, 2020
Canada’s ag industry adds 800 jobs for youth in the 2020-21 year

COVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesFood SafetyLabour

July 24, 2020
New program allows Ontario agri-food workplaces to assess their COVID-19 risk


July 17, 2020
Developing earlier, tastier peaches

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusiness

July 16, 2020
Ontario government expands Risk Management Program by $50 million to support farmers

NewsOrganic production

July 16, 2020
Farmland growing organic fruits and vegetables increased by 15 per cent since 2016

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

July 15, 2020
Ontario farmers respond to COVID-19 outbreaks


July 13, 2020
Danone’s brand Silk invests $100,000 to restore 90 acres of farmland across Canada


July 7, 2020
What’s being done about the ag labour shortage in Ontario


July 2, 2020
$4-billion irrigation project in Saskatchewan could boost vegetable production

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabourPolicy

June 30, 2020
Ontario calls on federal government for increased support as province’s ag sector faces COVID-19 outbreaks

COVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesBusinessFruit

June 10, 2020
How Nova Scotia U-Pick farms are coping with COVID-19

FeaturesAG WomenMarketingQ & A

June 3, 2020
Q&A: Communicating with consumers

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

June 1, 2020
120 individuals test positive for COVID-19 on Norfolk farm

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

May 28, 2020
P.E.I. doubles incentive bursaries for students willing to work on farms

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusinessFood SafetyLabour

May 22, 2020
Exclusive program launched for B.C. ag sector to buy PPE

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

May 20, 2020
Calm after the storm: TFWs arrive in Canada

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

May 12, 2020
About 14 per cent less agricultural workers arrived in Canada than in 2019

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

May 6, 2020
New Brunswick producers disagree with province’s ban on temporary foreign workers

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusiness

May 5, 2020
Prime Minister announces $252M in support for agriculture sector

COVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusiness

April 29, 2020
Manitoba announces support to bring farmers’ markets online


April 28, 2020
From the Editor: Field of dreams