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Merivon in apples: Efficacy, resistance management and sustainable disease management

By Fruit & Vegetable and BASF


Join Kerik Cox (associate professor at Cornell University) and Anne McRae (BASF Technical Service Specialist, Horticulture) as they discuss efficacy, resistance management, and the integration of Merivon in sustainable disease management programs for apples.

This talk will review the efficacy of Merivon against apple scab and apple powdery mildew over several seasons in the temperate climate of eastern North America, while also touching on the status of resistance to SDHI fungicides in apples and reviewing strategies to minimize selection for SDHI resistant orchard populations. The practice of implementing Merivon in an integrated season-long program for sustainable disease management and capitalizing on late season uses will also be discussed.

Register today and join us on March 30 at 2 p.m. ET for this free webinar.

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