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Syngenta announces new registration of ACTARA® 240SC

May 15, 2008  By Syngenta

Syngenta Crop Protection Canada, Inc. recently announced the new registration of ACTARA 240SC® for application to potato seed pieces.

Actara 240SC is a systemic
insecticide containing the active ingredient thiamethoxam, which
provides long-lasting protection against sucking and chewing insects
including aphids, Colorado potato beetles and potato leaf hoppers.
Actara 240 SC now offers even greater flexibility as it can be used
directly on the seed or applied in-furrow. Growers benefit from
increased efficiency as they are able to treat the seed piece at the
same time that they apply a fungicide. Most importantly, by treating
the seed piece directly, Actara 240 SC delivers superior performance
against a range of pests. Because it is applied directly to the seed
piece, the active ingredient is absorbed and moves systemically within
the plant as it grows. This ensures protection right from the start and
targets Colorado potato beetles when they are the most susceptible – in
the spring, immediately following overwinter.


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