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Syngenta receives registration for Vibrance Ultra Potato seed treatment

November 6, 2018  By Syngenta Canada Inc

Syngenta Canada Inc. is pleased to announce the registration of Vibrance Ultra Potato as a new seed piece treatment for the suppression of pink rot and control of key seed- and soil‑borne diseases, including late blight.

Vibrance Ultra Potato combines difenoconazole (Group 3), sedaxane (Group 7), and mandipropamid (Group 40) in a convenient liquid pre-mix formulation. It protects potato seed pieces and seedlings to help ensure strong stand establishment, so the crop gets off to the best possible start.

“Vibrance Ultra Potato will help producers to start strong and finish strong,” says Shaun Vey, seedcare and inoculants product lead with Syngenta Canada. “During the cutting and treating phase, it helps prevent the spread of seed‑borne late blight from infected seed to healthy seed. After planting, it moves within the plant, providing protection from diseases such as seed‑borne silver scurf, Fusarium dry rot, and seed-borne black scurf, stem, and stolon canker (Rhizoctonia), as well as suppression of pink rot.”


Vey says the registration of Vibrance Ultra Potato is a strong addition to the Syngenta potato portfolio, giving growers an excellent liquid fungicide-only option.

Vibrance Ultra Potato also gives growers greater flexibility when treating their seed pieces. The unique Vibrance Ultra Potato jug features a built‑in second container with a colourant, so growers can visually evaluate coverage of seed pieces and also consider additional pest protection by mixing it with colourless formulations, such as Fortenza insecticide for control of Colorado potato beetle, if needed.

As per the label, Vibrance Ultra Potato should be applied at a rate of 32 mL/100 kg of seed. Each case contains 4 x 4.8 L + 4 x 0.8 L (colourant) jugs. One jug will treat 330.6 cwt.

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