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National potato standard released

November 26, 2012  By CFIA

November 26, 2012, Ottawa, Ont – A new biosecurity standard was introduced recently that will help the potato industry protect its crops.

The national standard is a tool designed to minimize or prevent and control the introduction and spread of major plant pests and diseases in the potato industry. The National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for Potato Growers is a collaboration between the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Canadian Potato Council of the Canadian Horticultural Council.

“This excellent tool will allow producers better control of the destiny of their farms,” said Keith Kuhl, Chairman, Canadian Potato Council. “By identifying pathways producers can implement measures which will protect against intrusion of pests.”


Biosecurity is not a new concept on Canadian farms. The potato standard offers a consistent national approach to controlling major plant pests and diseases in the industry.

The standard is based on three primary themes:

  • farm property management
  • farm operational management
  • plant health management

The standard was developed over two years, in consultation with producers, industry associations, academia, and provincial governments through funding provided by the Growing Forward policy initiative of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It was designed specifically for the potato industry, and is applicable to farm-level operations of all types and sizes.

To request a copy of the National Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for Potato Growers or to learn more about plant biosecurity visit the CFIA’s website.

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