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BASF introduces new fungicide with three modes of action

December 3, 2018  By Fruit & Veg magazine

New for 2019, BASF will introduce Serifel, an innovative, new fungicide with three modes of action to target powdery mildew and botrytis in grapes.

BASF believes Serifel’s strong performance, low use rate and the company’s research-based understanding of how to maximize its performance will make Serifel fungicide an excellent addition to growers’ current disease management programs.

“Serifel is an excellent fungicide that just happens to be a biological,” says Scott Hodgins, horticulture crop manager with BASF. “Serifel provides an opportunity for BASF to increase growers’ confidence level of biologicals. We have conducted extensive research that allows us advise customers on when and how to apply Serifel under the actual field conditions they face every day.”


Whether it is used as a tank-mix or rotation partner with products like Kumulus, Sercadis or Vivando, Serifel compliments established disease management programs, offering enhanced performance as well as alternate modes of action for resistance management. Serifel can also be used for organic production.

For more information about Serifel fungicide or other BASF crop protection products, please
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