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Virus disease on garlic

June 18, 2013  By Sally Miller Anna Testen & Delphina Mamiro OSU Department of Plant Pathology

Image of Leek yellow stripe disease of garlic Ohio State University

June 18, 2013 – Garlic from two northern Ohio farms have tested positive to a new disease.

Garlic samples from two farms in two northern Ohio counties were recently received at Ohio State University’s Vegetable Pathology lab with symptoms that included long yellow stripes on the leaves and failure of the cloves to develop.

Lab tests indicate at least one virus, a Potyvirus called Leek yellow stripe virus (LYSV), to be the cause of the disease. This virus is transmitted through the cloves and by aphids.


Where this disease is present in a field, cloves should not be saved from any plant, even those without symptoms, for the next year’s crop. Plants may be infected but not yet showing symptoms. Virus-free garlic bulbs should be purchased from a reputable producer.

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