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IWCA series: Judith Nyiraneza

August 23, 2023
By AgAnnex Talks


Widely recognized as a leader and innovator in regenerative soil management, Judith has led and co-led a number of national projects, including the Living Laboratories Atlantic Canada project. She’s an active advocate for the Living Lab concept, and beyond her research, has mentored two summer students every summer for the past decade, and also serves as an adjunct professor at Dalhousie and Laval Universities.

In this conversation, Nyiraneza discusses how her young life in Rwanda, which brought her an inherent appreciation for agriculture combined with an aptitude for science, led her toward that specific discipline in her academic career. She also shares why she is so passionate about the Living Lab concept and how it can benefit all Canadians – not just those within the ag space. And, she gives insights into what skills make her a strong leader and teammate, and shares her thoughts on the need for more gender balance in the agricultural research space.

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Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science Canada, platinum sponsor of the 2023 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program, for sponsoring this series.