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Harnois launches TunnelPro

An affordable gutter connected tunnel solution to protect crops.

July 28, 2009  By Fruit & Vegetable



Harnois launches TunnelPro
JHarnois Inc. has announced the launch of
TunnelPro, a technologically advanced gutter connected, high tunnel
solution featuring unsurpassed roller ventilation openings to
protect crops and control the growing environment.




July 28, 2009 – Harnois Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of TunnelPro, a technologically advanced gutter connected, high tunnel solution featuring unsurpassed roller ventilation openings to not only protect crops, but control the growing environment for increased productivity.  By reducing the amount of labor it takes to actually utilize and control a high tunnel, growers will actually improve their profitability. TunnelPro’s venting solution operates via a manual hand crank for ease in opening up side, end and top-bay coverings of the tunnel, versus the labor intensive task of “pushing up plastic” tediously with forks and ropes.  TunnelPro’s remarkable design features roller venting including top bay and side venting, sliding curtain doors and full-width roll-up door options for the gable ends in a structure with arches made of oval tubing for extraordinary strength throughout the entire tunnel.
Having to push up plastic along the tunnel leg row with forks and ropes can be very labor intensive.  Most growers will not even bother venting because of those costs and therefore the benefits of utilizing a tunnel often go unwarranted.  Producing a controlled environment, venting and the protection of crops helps jump-start and extend the length of the growing season thus increasing productivity.  Allowing for maximum protection and full venting options, TunnelPro’s sides reach all the way down to the ground in one connected piece forming side skirts which roll up completely to the top-bay. Using the manual hand crank that is fixed to the poly at the gable ends of the TunnelPro, one man can ventilate up to 300 linear feet of top bay or side venting and up to 250 feet wide of gable ends at one time, allowing for control of the growing environment in a more user-friendly way.  One can even easily walk through the side of the tunnel as side access is up to 8 feet high, allowing for reduction of labor when moving plants.
“As always, Harnois is excited to offer growers the capability to reduce labor costs and increase productivity,” said Caroline Forest, Vice President of Marketing for Harnois, Inc. “With the TunnelPro, growers have a user-friendly way to control the growing environment and provide maximum crop protection.  We aim to provide a way for natural ventilation to be easily achieved.”
TunnelPro features two gable end door options – sliding curtain or roll-up doors for even better ventilation at the ends of the tunnel.  Growers can choose roll-up doors on the gable ends featuring a full-width roll-up allowing complete opening to the cross-ties.  Curtain doors reach from the top of the same cross-tie to the bottom of the ground, opening across the tunnel like a shower curtain to allow for full-width opening of the gable end.  The TunnelPro comes in three different models – 28, 30 and 31 foot widths with arch spacing every 10 to 12 feet.
TunnelPro features a four-year, UV stabilized polyethylene plastic which covers the entire steel frame.  This polyethylene is held on by industrial strength, one inch wide nylon straps. The one inch wide webbing straps create a wider contact point than ropes, thus reducing the wear and tear of the poly on the steel frame.  With the TunnelPro, winterizing and summerization of the tunnel is easily achieved, reducing the amount of labor it takes to store the tunnels’ poly in the off season, be it winter or summer.  The TunnelPro operates via the hand crank system by rolling the polyethylene completely up to store the poly up onto the top of the tunnel for summerization.  A protective cover is then set upon the rolled up poly to protect it from the sun.  The next time the tunnel is needed, it is simply uncovered and unrolled.  For winterization, the tunnel can be fully closed up to protect the crops from the elements.  Harnois, a leader in the Greenhouse industry for over 46 years, brings you a tested gutter connected High Tunnel solution for the growing needs of the 21st century when saving labor is as important as the crops you grow.
In business since 1958, Harnois Industries Inc. is a leader in manufacturing steel structures for various applications, notably for horticulture, agricultural and industrial storage as well as residential shelters.  Committed to innovation, they provide customized solutions and reliable service throughout North America, as well as parts of Asia, Middle East and North Africa. For more information, please call 450-758-9550 or via email at, and log on to our website at .

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