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FVGC shares concerns about proposed Federal Plastics Registry

January 16, 2024  By Fruit & Vegetable

Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada (FVGC) are wary of the potential added burdens on growers that a newly proposed plastics tracker could generate.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault proposed the Federal Plastics Registry as a tool to monitor and track plastic from the time it is produced to its end of life as part of federal efforts to reduce plastic pollution and waste. FVGC has expressed concerns that the registry will create an additional administrative burden on growers without offering tangible benefits to the industry.

One suggestion FVGC has voiced is to harmonize the requirements of the various provincial Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems currently in place. This could reduce the administrative burden on growers and provide a more unified and efficient method of addressing plastics pollution in Canada.


Consultations on the registry will run until Feb. 13. |READ MORE

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