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2023 raspberry virus survey

April 16, 2024  By Erica Pate & Katie Goldenhar | ONFruit

In 2016 & 2017 OMAFRA conducted initial raspberry virus surveys to determine which viruses were present in the province. At least one virus was detected in 90% of the samples collected. Rubus yellow net virus (RYNV) was the most common, followed by Blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus (BCRV). At least one virus was detected in 73% of all the samples we collected, and 6% of the samples had more than one virus present.

A follow-up survey was conducted in 2023 to determine the frequency and incidence of raspberry viruses 6 years later. 96 samples were collected from 16 farms across Ontario. Samples were tested for the following viruses:

  • Tomato Ringspot Virus (ToRSV)
  • Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus (RBDV)
  • Tobacco Streak Virus (TSV)
  • Blackberry Chlorotic Ringspot Virus (BCRV)
  • Blackberry Yellow Vein Associated Virus (BYVaV)
  • Black Raspberry Necrosis Virus (BRNV)
  • Raspberry Leaf Mottle Virus (RLMV)
  • Rubus Yellow Net Virus (RYNV)

Five viruses were identified in fields across Ontario (Table 1). Rubus yellow net virus (RYNV) was the most common and was identified in 91% of samples (Fig 1). All viruses except RYNV decreased in incidence since the 2017 survey. Tobacco streak virus, black raspberry necrosis virus, and blackberry yellow vein associated virus were not identified in any samples, consistent with the 2017 survey. | READ MORE


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