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Webinar archive: Maximizing biological fungicides

Despite increasing grower interest, the performance of biological fungicides remains somewhat of a mystery.

In this webinar, Anne McRae, BASF’s Technical Specialist for Horticulture and Insecticides, explains how biological fungicides work and how you can maximize their performance and consistency on your own farm.

In her role, Anne is BASF’s key contact for Canadian fruit and vegetable extension personnel and coordinates BASF participation in trials with registered products as well as providing technical support to BASF’s seven horticulture-focused representatives across the country. Anne holds a degree in agriculture science from the University of Guelph. She joined BASF’s Research and Commercial Development group in 2009 where she was instrumental in the registration and introduction of products such as Zampro and Sercadis fungicides. Anne has a passion for horticulture and in 2015 became a horticulture specialist with BASF, working to support BASF’s fruit and vegetable growers in southwestern Ontario. 

Anne lives in Elmira, Ont., with her husband and two children. In their spare time, they work on the family’s community-supported agriculture farm, growing vegetables such as squash, pumpkins, tomatoes and sweet corn.