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Warming seed potatoes had outsized effect on crop

Pre-seed storage may have more impact on processing crop than how the seed crop was managed in the field

May 17, 2018  By The Manitoba Cooperator

The quality of a potato harvest might have more to do with how seeds were stored than how they were treated in the field the previous year.

Alison Nelson, agronomist and researcher at Carberry’s Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre, says warming up seed before planting may have more impact on a processing crop than most in-season management of the seed crop the year before.

The AAFC researcher is studying how planting date, harvest date, moisture and storage of a seed crop might impact a daughter crop grown from those seeds. To test this, Nelson designed a multi-year trial first manipulating seed crop management, then returning with those seeds to measure changes in the processing crop the next year. | For the full story, CLICK HERE.


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