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Warba potatoes, B.C.’s special spud

August 6, 2013
By Press release


August 6, 2013, Fraser Valley, BC – To help give B.C. taters a boost, BCfresh was the recent recipient of a $16,000 Buy Local grant to help promote the Warba potato variety.

Warba potatoes are an heirloom product originally released in the 1920s. It was designed to be an early-producing crop and Warba potatoes are typically available from June to August.

“Our family has grown Warba in B.C. as an early-variety potato for (more than) 50 years,” said Peter Guichon of Felix Farms, a grower of Warba potatoes. “We love its flavour and can hardly wait for the early summer harvest, the first in Canada.”


“Warba is a unique product,” said Brian Faulkner, vice-president of sales and marketing for BCfresh. “It’s the first local potato of the year. We’re one of the few companies, and perhaps the only company that we know of, to grow them commercially.”

BCfresh is a grower-owned distribution and marketing agency, representing more than 50 family farms in B.C. They market and distribute local farmers’ products to local retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and national chains.

The government of B.C. is investing $2 million to help B.C. producers and processors promote local foods. This funding helps local businesses and organizations launch or expand their marketing campaigns, and allows B.C.’s diverse food industry to use customized promotions specific to their market and needs.

“The B.C. government is committed to promoting local foods, and when consumers buy local they are providing fresh and healthy food for their family while generating economic benefits for B.C. food producers and communities,” said B.C. Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm.

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3 Comments » for Warba potatoes, B.C.’s special spud
  1. Terry Sperling says:

    I tried my first Warba potatoes this Spring while visiting my sister in BC. These are the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten! They are so tasty. Once you’ve had a Warba potatoe it’s hard to eat any other potatoe.

    When I got back to Calgary, I was ecstatic to see that they are in some of the grocery stores. I’m totalling hooked and take every opportunity to tell other consumers about them.

    Thank you very much for growing them.

  2. Rhonda Beeman says:

    I grew Warba potatoes this year and have loads of them! Can I store some in a sack over winter? Also, can they be used for French fries?

  3. care says:

    i overwinter my warbas. let the leaves die right down, dig up the spuds, eat any that are damaged or don’t look perfect… spread them in trays or boxes someplace cool and cover., unwashed.. leave them there for a week or so to toughen up the skins, then used shredded paper and layer them in boxes in the coolest dampest part of the house… check them once a month or so to make sure none of them are getting funky… mine usually start to sprout around the first of march, but by then i’m down to the little ones anyways, so i pot them up and let them go again. always move the beds each year and buy new seed potatoes to add to the crop.

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