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November 11, 2020
Ontario horticultural and agricultural societies to receive emergency funding


November 9, 2020
PMRA releases linuron re-evaluation decision


November 3, 2020
New risk management tools developed with AgriRisk funding


September 15, 2020
Ontario government approves 670 farmer-driven projects for funding


September 9, 2020
Inaugural meeting of the Canadian Agricultural Youth Council takes place

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesFeatures

August 14, 2020
Recipients of $50-million surplus food rescue fund announced

PolicyNewsFood SafetySeed

August 11, 2020
‘Low risk’: CFIA updates on unrequested packages of seeds

PolicyNewsFood SafetyResearch

August 11, 2020
New dual-action coating thwarts bacteria from cross-contaminating fresh produce

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusiness

August 6, 2020
Farming, processing associations protest extra fees imposed by large grocery retailers


August 5, 2020
Manitoba starts online public engagement program for agriculture industry


August 4, 2020
Ontario invests in rural development and regenerative agriculture


July 30, 2020
More B.C. farmers get access to affordable, available farmland


July 24, 2020
Members announced for Canada’s first-ever Agricultural Youth Council

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesFood SafetyLabour

July 24, 2020
New program allows Ontario agri-food workplaces to assess their COVID-19 risk

PolicyNewsFood SafetyFruitHarvesting

July 22, 2020
Grower’s guide to packinghouse preparation prior to peach season


July 3, 2020
Newfoundland announces $13M to boost ag sector

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

June 30, 2020
Ontario calls on federal government for increased support as province’s ag sector faces COVID-19 outbreaks

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNewsLabour

June 18, 2020
$15M for protection from COVID-19 for migrant workers called a ‘Band-Aid solution’


June 17, 2020
Webinar archive: Strategies and adaptations for U-Pick and on-farm produce sales

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNews

June 17, 2020
Government’s surplus food rescue program now accepting applications

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNews

June 9, 2020
Government of Canada launches second call for proposals under the Local Food Infrastructure Fund


June 1, 2020
U of G part of national project to improve food system’s response to crisis

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusinessFood Safety

May 23, 2020
CPMA and NSF Canada to offer online food safety workshops beginning in June

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNewsBusinessFood SafetyLabour

May 22, 2020
Exclusive program launched for B.C. ag sector to buy PPE

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNews

May 8, 2020
‘Positive step for sector’s immediate needs’: OFVGA responds to federal funding announcement

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesNewsFood SafetyLabour

April 29, 2020
Funding available for B.C. farmers to buy personal protective equipment


April 28, 2020
U of G experts contribute to COVID-19-focused agriculture journal

PolicyCOVID-19 UpdatesFeaturesProduction

March 24, 2020
How is COVID-19 impacting our food system?