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Tivano receives registration for multiple crops

April 13, 2012  By Press release

April 13, 2012, Dorchester, Ont – Tivano, a bio-fungicide and bactericide, has recently received regulatory approval.

Registered by AEF Global Inc. of Lévis, Que, and marketed through UAP Canada Inc., Tivano is a liquid product whose active ingredients are citric and lactic acid.

Tivano is registered for suppression of several diseases in a variety of crops including, tomatoes, strawberries, squashes, pumpkins, grapes and roses. It is also the only product registered in Canada for use on angular leaf spot in strawberries. Bacterial canker in tomatoes is also on the Tivano label, as are powdery mildew (strawberries, roses, squashes, pumpkins), downy mildew (grapes) and black spot (roses).


“Tivano works through plasmolization of the pathogen cells,” says Janet Porchak, national marketing manager with UAP Canada Inc. “It also creates a physical barrier on the leaf surface which inhibits disease infection and development.”

Tivano is designed for and suitable for use as part of both conventional and organic production systems.

Tivano should be applied preventatively when conditions are conducive to disease development, with application continuing until run-off. The interval between applications ranges from five to 10 days depending on the crop and the disease and there is no (i.e. zero day) pre-harvest interval requirement. Foliar spray volumes range from 200 L/ha to 800 L/ha, again depending on the crop and disease of interest.

Porchak notes that to maximize effectiveness, Tivano should be used prior to or at the early stages of disease development. Tivano should be applied in sufficient volume to ensure full coverage, using a standard or industrial sprayer with flat-fan nozzle tips.

Tivano is packaged in 10 L jugs, marketed through UAP Canada Inc. and sold to ag retailers across the country.

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