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Titan receives new registration

January 27, 2010  By Fruit & Vegetable


Titan receives new registration
Titan seed-piece treatment has an expanded label to include
control of above ground pests.

January 26, 2010,
Guelph, Ont. – Titan™ seed-piece treatment has an expanded label to include
control of above ground pests.


These pests include
Colorado potato beetle, aphids (potato, green peach, foxglove and buckthorn),
potato leafhopper and potato flea beetle, making it the broadest spectrum
insect seed-piece treatment available for Canadian potato growers.

Titan, a Group 4
insecticide, was initially registered in early 2009 to reduce the damage caused
by wireworm in potatoes.

“Now Titan offers
growers unmatched protection from all major insect pests with the convenience
of a single seed-piece treatment,” says David Kikkert, portfolio manager for
horticulture with Bayer CropScience. “Titan is the only seed-piece treatment
that controls above-ground pests and reduces the damage caused by wireworm – a
growing pest in potato fields across Canada.”

The expanded Titan label
includes an application rate from 10.4- to 20.8 mL per 100 kg potato seed
pieces (4.8-9.5 mL/cwt). The higher rate is recommended for extended residual
control of above ground pests as well as reducing the damage caused by

Seed-piece treatment is
the number one method for applying potato insecticides in Canada. Early control
of insects helps plants get off to a healthy start, resulting in maximum yield
while also reducing the risk of secondary diseases, such as blackleg.

Consult the Titan product
label for complete application rates and recommendations.

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