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Three hort products available in new formulations

May 13, 2013  By Press release

May 13, 2013, Calgary, AB – Always looking for ways to improve their products, Dow AgroSciences is introducing new formulations for three horticultural products.

Entrust SC insecticide, previously packaged as a wettable powder and sold under the name Entrust 80W, will now be delivered in a new liquid formulation in one litre bottles. Entrust SC provides the performance both conventional and organic growers have come to trust and is active on several economically important insect pests of fruits and vegetables.

Entrust is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use on certified organically grown crops. The active ingredient in Entrust is spinosad and is produced by fermentation of naturally occurring bacteria.


Lorsban NT insecticide uses technology to produce a low-odour, water-based formulation of Lorsban 4E insecticide. Like its predecessor, Lorsban NT offers versatility in controlling a wide variety of pests across numerous crops.

Lorsban NT controls insects through contact plus ingestion and vapour inhalation.

Kerb SC herbicide will replace its granular predecessor Kerb 50WSP. Kerb SC is liquid formulation that provides selective grassy weed control in a wide variety of horticultural crops and established pastures.

A soil active herbicide, Kerb SC is absorbed by plants through the root system, translocated upward and distributed throughout the entire plant. Kerb can be applied preplant incorporated on certain crops, pre-emergence and post-emergence to all registered crops.

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