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The new Great Lakes and Maritimes Pest Monitoring Network

May 10, 2019  By Tracey Baute Field Crops Entomologist OMAFRA

Tracey Baute, Field Crops Entomologist, OMAFRA

The new Great Lakes and Maritimes Pest Monitoring Network will include trap monitoring for western bean cutworm (WBC), European corn borer (ECB), corn earworm (CEW), black cutworm (BCW), true armyworm (TAW) and fall armyworm (FAW). Crops currently include field corn, sweet corn, dry beans and snap beans. If this works, more pests and crops can be added in the future.

The network is free for anyone to join but does require conducting a Trap Site Survey. There are two options for the survey; a desktop browser version can be used at the office or the mobile app version that allows you to set up and record your trap counts directly in the field. The app also lets you set favourites for your trap sites so that you don’t have to enter them again the next time you go to the survey.

In return, real-time maps will be produced for everyone to see and users will have their own dashboard that helps summarize their trapping data through the season. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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