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Ranman 400SC receives second URMULE reg

June 12, 2012  By Press release

June 11, 2012, Dorchester, Ont – The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has granted a second User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion (URMULE) for Ranman 400SC fungicide. Control of Pythium damping-off and Pythium root rot in greenhouse transplants of tomato, pepper, cucumber, lettuce and Brassica vegetables, have been added to the label. Ranman fungicide previously received an URMULE in Spring 2012 for suppression of white rust on spinach.

Ranman is a Group 21 product with the active ingredient cyazofamid. It is also registered for use on carrots, cucurbits and potatoes for several other diseases.

With this latest registration, Ranman can now be used for control of Pythium damping-off and Pythium root rot on greenhouse transplants of specified vegetables, at a rate of 30 millilitres per 100 litres of water. Ranman should be applied as a soil drench to the growing medium immediately after seeding.


This minor use registration was supported and co-sponsored by government stakeholders on both sides of the Canada – U.S. border.

Ranman fungicide should be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management program and in rotation with other disease management products as part of an effective resistance management strategy.

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