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Ranman 400SC approved for two new uses

December 18, 2012  By Press release

December 18, 2012, Dorchester, Ont – The Ranman 400SC fungicide label has expanded once again.

Ranman can now be used for the control of late blight on field tomatoes and the suppression of downy mildew on brassica vegetables after recent Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approvals.

Late blight, which can destroy unprotected crops, has become a bigger concern in tomatoes in recent years with new, more aggressive strains moving into Canada.

The addition of downy mildew suppression to the product label will also be of interest to brassica crop growers. The contact fungicide is rain-fast once dry.

There have been seven User Requested Minor Use Label Expansions (URMULE) for Ranman in 2012. These include the control of downy mildew and cottony leak, and the suppression of phytophthora blight on snap and lima beans; the suppression of downy mildew on head and leaf lettuce; and the control of downy mildew on basil (field and greenhouse).

Ranman contains the active ingredient cyazofamid and is the only product in the FRAC Group 21 of cyanoimidazoles.

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