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Quebec government gives exemption to CleanFARMS

November 9, 2012  By Press release

November 9, 2012, St. Bruno, QC – The Government of Quebec has provided CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP with an opportunity to enhance agricultural stewardship in the province by providing CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP an exemption to existing regulations on how pesticide and fertilizer containers are managed.

The exemption has been granted to manufacturers of commercial pesticide and fertilizer containers, as long as they become a member in good standing with CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP.

The exemption falls under the “Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials.”


Members of CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP, a not-for-profit stewardship organization, can immediately take advantage of the exemption, meaning they won’t need to contribute to a compensation plan constituted under the Environment Quality Act, a program in place in Quebec for collecting and disposing of municipal waste. Manufacturers of pesticide and fertilizer containers, who aren’t currently a member, can also gain an exemption by joining CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP.

CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP is proud to be able to provide manufacturers of commercial pesticide and fertilizer containers the opportunity to recycle the containers they sell in Quebec,” says Barry Friesen, general manager of CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP. “This really gives agriculture its own opportunity to determine its destiny for stewardship.”

CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP currently offers an empty pesticide and fertilizer container recycling program across Canada and Quebec farmers can continue to participate by returning their triple-rinsed containers to any of the retail collection sites across the province. Containers collected in Quebec are recycled into materials like farm drainage tile.

In addition, CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP will work with the Quebec government and the agricultural community to develop programs to manage additional agricultural wastes like seed bags, crop protection bags and bale wrap.

“This is a win-win-win situation for farmers, industry and the environment,” says Friesen. “CleanFARMS/AgriRÉCUP members have stepped up to the plate to meet these regulations and we are excited about the potential of new programs in Quebec and look forward to working with the government of Quebec to help farmers manage the waste generated on farms.”

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