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IWCA series: Mel Luymes

June 26, 2024
By AgAnnex Talks


“Just the other day, I was looking at third-party certification for polyethylene drainage tubing, and wondering, ‘What does a master’s in sociology and a certificate in conflict mediation have anything to do with what I’m doing?’”

Mel Luymes, who holds several advocacy and organization roles in Ontario agriculture including executive director of the Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario (LICO) has spent most of her life chasing diverse challenges, always aiming to reshape her own perceptions and enable lifelong learning. From growing up on a farm to pursuing an education in the humanities and now spending her days alternating between fields, offices and meeting many, many different kinds of people, Luymes views her career as a journey with no discernable end point, but rather continuous evolution.

In this discussion with agriculture editor Bree Rody, Luymes discusses how she transfers skills from one role to another, how she learned to stand tall when she’s one of the only women in the room and what she’s appreciated about the various friends, allies and mentors she’s encountered throughout her career.

Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science Canada, platinum sponsor of the 2024 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program, for sponsoring this series.

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