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PIC: A double whammy for tuber marketability

Potato mop-top virus and powdery scab can be a tough twosome.

June 16, 2022  By Carolyn King, courtesy of Potatoes in Canada

The potato mop-top virus can cause tuber necrosis symptoms, which are known as spraing disease. Photo courtesy of Xianzhou Nie.

Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) is a tough-to-control, soil-borne pathogen. The only known way this virus can infect a potato plant is by being carried into the plant by the also challenging soil-borne pathogen that causes powdery scab. 

Xianzhou Nie’s current research includes projects to learn more about PMTV in Canada, to develop a better way to detect both pathogens, and to find options to help manage the two diseases.

“Mop-top disease seems to be an increasing issue in the United States and in certain Canadian provinces. In the States, some people think mop-top could be the next production issue for the future because the disease can really affect tuber quality,” says Nie, a research scientist in molecular virology with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Fredericton. |READ MORE


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