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Organic Integrity Learning Center launched in the U.S.

May 27, 2019  By Fruit and Vegetable magazine

The United States Department of Agriculture, through the National Organic Program, has recently launched the Organic Integrity Learning Center in an effort to support the ongoing development of personnel working in organic certification and compliance and enforcement roles.

The Learning Centre is a formal Learning Management System, that supports the professional development and continuing education of professionals working to protect organic integrity.

“Well-qualified and trained certifier staff, including inspectors, and reviewers are critical to maintaining organic integrity. These professionals stand at the center of effective organic control systems, and directly impact fair and consistent organic certification around the world,” stated Jennifer Tucker, deputy administrator of the National Organic Program in a letter to USDA-Accredited Certifying Agents.


Certifiers are responsible for communicating the availability of the Learning Center to their staff, including in-house and contracted inspectors and reviewers.

Examples of current courses include: Fundamentals of inspections; Import oversight essentials; compliance and enforcement; Sound and sensible certification; and Introduction to the USDA Organic System.

The Organic Integrity Learning Center was launched to help organic professionals protect organic integrity and provide fair and consistent organic certification around the world. Certifier leadership will play a critical role in ensuring their teams access and use this new resource.

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