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More from Fruit and Vegetable | Chemicals | Production | Equipment August 13, 2014
Strawberry Strawberry monitoring system could add profit
A University of Florida-developed web tool can bring growers $1.7 million more in net profits over 10 years than a calendar-based fungicide system because it guides growers to spray their crop at optimal times, a new UF study shows.
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Merlot, sauvignon blanc casualties of Ont. winter
Good luck finding a 2014 merlot from Niagara over the next couple of years. A bottle of sauvignon blanc will likely be a rare sight for oenophiles as well.
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Sweet potato plan plays out in Vineland
The sweet potatoes growing at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre are stressed out. Not only are they being grown in trying conditions, to see how they fare, they’re also under pressure to produce tubers that will one day be the makings of a profitable crop for Canadian farmers.
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Potatoes campaign rolls out across P.E.I.
A number of Island potato growers and agricultural businesses alike are showing their love for Prince Edward Island potatoes by displaying round bales wrapped with signs promoting P.E.I. potatoes around the province this summer.
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