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Fire Blight scorches Annapolis Valley orchards Fire blight scorches Annapolis Valley orchards
The effects of post-tropical storm Arthur are still being felt across the Maritimes and, as a result, fire blight has scorched up to 80 per cent of some apple orchards in the Annapolis Valley.
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potato exports show sign of life Canadian potato exports show signs of life
After a decade of declining domestic demand, North America’s potato industry may have a reason to feel hopeful.
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Blueberries see growth in demand, supplies
Blueberry supplies look ample for the summer, and grower-shippers expect a strong blueberry crop from British Columbia this year, perhaps even a record-setting one.
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Video Twisted fruit, vegetables get new lease on life
You’ve all seen them – those weird-looking carrots and potatoes; those bizarre-looking apples and pears, those warped eggplants and zucchinis. In most large-scale packing facilities, they get tossed on the compost pile, just for being – well – different. Not anymore.
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