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Frog eggs Frogs on the vine
What do frog eggs have to do with a mildew that hurts wine production? More than you think when you mix them in the lab. Researchers at the University of Missouri are using frog eggs to determine the cause of powdery mildew, a plant disease that contributes to significant crop loss for most commercial wine varietals, and have found that a specific gene in Cabernet Sauvingon, contributes to its susceptibility.
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Greenhouse Canada Grower Day 2014 coming soon
Next month’s Greenhouse Canada Grower Day is “Covering The Bases” with several profit-building sessions and a mini trade show of leading edge products and technologies. The event returns to Brantford, Ont., on June 18. It will be held at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn of Brantford, located immediately south of Hwy. 403 at the Wayne Gretzky Parkway interchange.
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Bayer Luna


Verb: To give your crop the best protection possible from a wide variety of diseases with Luna Tranquility™. A powerful broad-spectrum fungicide with unique Group 7 (fluopyram) and proven Group 9 (pyrimethanil) modes of action, Luna Tranquility provides unprecedented preventative and systemic disease control in an all-in-one formulation.

Usage: “I just bestected my crop from disease with an application of Luna Tranquility.”

Redefining disease prevention
Expand your vocabulary here >> or 1 888-283-6847 or contact your Bayer CropScience representative. Always read and follow label directions. Luna TranquilityTM is a registered trademark of the Bayer Group. Bayer CropScience is a member of CropLife Canada.

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Pesticide Restricted Entry Interval rules change
The Pest Management Regulatory Agency has changed their definition for a Restricted Entry Interval (REI) for pesticide applications. The Ontario Pesticide Education Program has put together a factsheet that explains the changes.
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Potatoes Late blight of potatoes and tomatoes in Alberta
Over the last few years, there has been a great deal of concern in Alberta surrounding late blight, which is a serious disease called that affects mainly potatoes and tomatoes. This year appears to be no different.
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