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P.E.I. company plans to increase productivity with equipment
The federal and P.E.I. governments recently announced the investment of $569,000 to RWL Holdings Ltd. in a bid to enhance the competitiveness of the region’s potato industry.
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Sweet potato Streef Produce adds sweet potatoes
Ontario grower and wholesaler Streef Produce Ltd. is expanding into sweet potatoes.
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A blight-free British potato
A three-year field trial in Norfolk of potatoes genetically modified to resist late blight – the fungal disease responsible for the great Irish famine of the 19th century – has produced encouraging results.
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Potato bruising thwarted by new P.E.I. machine
A potato grower and two of his employees from Orwell Cove, P.E.I. are banking on a new piece of equipment they’ve designed to stop the food from bruising.
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Alberta researchers unveil new potato varieties
Potatoes are big business in southern Alberta. With a host of potato-processing plants in the area, a number of agricultural producers have contracts to grow the cash crop, one of the most important commodities produced in this region.
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