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More from Fruit and Vegetable | Chemicals | Production | Equipment December 4, 2013
Trade deal good for industry – P.E.I. potato farmers
They may plant in the red dirt, but the P.E.I. potato industry is in the black and learned at its recent annual meeting the new European trade agreement will increase exports and reduce tariffs in the years ahead.
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Grapes Sequencing study reveals wine’s microbial terroir
A new study led by UC Davis researchers offers evidence that grapes and the wines they produce can also be the product of microbial terroir, shaped by the climate and geography of the region, vineyard and even individual vine.
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GM Apple International fruit growers up in arms over GM apple
In test fields in New York and Washington state stand about 100 trees bearing the Canadian-designed Holy Grail of fruit science: an apple that cannot brown.
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Icewines Vintners in B.C. eye record harvest for icewines
An institute dedicated to promoting British Columbia’s wines says the industry could harvest the largest crop ever for a product that’s come to be known as liquid gold.
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