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More from Fruit and Vegetable | Chemicals | Production | Equipment November 20, 2013
Apple Moratorium sought on Arctic apple
The BC Fruit Growers' Association is asking the government for an immediate moratorium on a genetically modified (GM) apple, also known under trademark as the Arctic Apple.
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Heinz plant closure impact will be far-reaching
Area tomato growers had a feeling the days were numbered for Heinz in Leamington, but they figured they’d at least receive notice.
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Buffalo Fruit The next 'super fruit' might be buffaloberry
New research has uncovered an underutilized berry that could be the new super fruit, the buffaloberry.
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Cherries Delegate receives MRL for blueberries, cherries
Blueberry and cherry producers who export their products to Japan can now apply Delegate WG Insecticide for control of several foliage feeding pests.
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