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More from Fruit and Vegetable | Chemicals | Production | Equipment July 3, 2013
Carrots Not just a storage problem
University of Prince Edward Island student Michelle MacDonald has observed a new problem in the Island's carrot crop caused by a familiar fungus – Fusarium.
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Sour grapes in B.C.
It’s been exactly one year since parliament passed a private member’s bill aimed at putting some sparkle in Canada’s inter provincial wine trade.
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Peach Small farmers turn creative to keep farms sustainable
Farmer David Mas Masumoto knows his small peach orchard can’t compete with the giant agribusinesses that dominate the nation’s produce aisles.
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P.E.I. strawberry grower hit hard by drought, virus
Peter Penny of Belfast, P.E.I., says between last year’s drought and this year’s virus, his strawberry fields are taking a beating.
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