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More from Fruit and Vegetable | Chemicals | Production | Equipment July 4, 2012
Hail decimates crops near Lake Erie
A recent series of storms has caused a massive amount of damage to crops in the region, leaving farmers with little to do but count their losses. According to an article from The Windsor Star, the hail was the size of ping-pong balls, wind surged at speeds at over 100 km/h and may have disappeared after only 20 minutes.
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Zebra chip Zebra chip bacterium found in Idaho
It would appear the bacterium that causes the potato disease zebra chip is slowly heading north. The bacterium – which Idaho agriculture officials say could devastate state’s potato crop – was recently found in a Twin Falls County farmer’s field.
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Bayer CropScience acquires AgraQuest
Bayer CropScience has announced the company signed an agreement to purchase AgraQuest, Inc. for a purchase price of US$425 million plus milestone payments. AgraQuest, headquartered in Davis, Calif., is a global supplier of biological pest management solutions based on natural microorganisms.
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Malathion receives emergency use for SWD
Two formulations of Malathion insecticide have received emergency use label registrations in support of control of Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) on sweet cherries, stone fruit and berries. The two formulations are Malathion 85E for use on stone fruit and berries and Malathion 25W, for use on sweet cherries. The labels are in effect until Nov. 30, 2012.
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