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Chemical traces on some organic produce
The head of the Canada Organic Trade Association says it’s difficult to get a full picture of pesticide residue on organic produce in Canada.
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Watch for PH problems in older asparagus
Most commercial asparagus growers have their fields on a regular soil-testing program. Usually that is once every two years, but is sometimes yearly. Unfortunately, even when growers are regularly soil testing and following the soil test recommendations, pH problems can develop as a field ages.
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Hort industry enthusiastic about border plan
Canada’s horticultural industry is enthusiastic about the Joint Action Plan initiatives proposed recently.
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Grafting tomatoes brings better yields
New research shows that tomato growers may not have to choose between plant varieties that produce high-value fruit and those that are resistant to troublesome soil-borne pathogens. Researchers and farmers alike are demonstrating that grafting shoots of one plant to the root system of another is a cost-effective, environmentally sound way for growers to both manage diseases and cash in on improved yields.
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