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New varieties showcase 2005

April 25, 2008  By Fruit & Vegetable

New varieties showcase 2005

foremost merlin heptathlon
Dark-green, straight pods average six inches. Medium size, semi-upright plants.  Similar superior-eating quality as Jade. Good heat tolerance. 53 days to maturity.
(Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)

Merlin is an early, extremely uniform, high-yielding beet with very high sugar content. Use for highest quality processing and fresh market topped beet production.
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co)


Heptathlon is an exceptional variety for bunching. Matures in 81 days. A solid plant with high placed head. Is very tolerant to heat and holds well in the field. Quick and easy harvesting with high yield.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
ironman capitola
Ironman is a variety adapted for Crown cut with an open frame, easy to harvest. Has firm, round heads and matures in 89 days. Has shown a good tolerance to hollow stem and to cat eye. A CMS version of Iron. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)
Capitola is a mid-season variety, similar to Oliver, which matures in 110 days. It produces round, dark green sprouts well spaced on the stem. A vigorous plant with a solid stem, suitable for mechanical harvesting.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
Cheddar is a very unique, orange coloured cauliflower, maturing in 80 days. It produces a firm, smooth and well-domed head that does not develop riceyness. 
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

flamenco megan
Flamenco is similar to Freedom, matures in 78 days. It forms a very white, dense, well-domed and heavy head, which is well protected by the leaves at the base. Has shown tolerance to tip burn and to riceyness. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Megan is a Freedom-type cauliflower maturing in 75 days. Has a very white, well-protected, domed head. Has good tolerance to tip burn and does not develop riceyness. Potential for high yield and uniform crop.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
Starko is a Nappa-type Chinese cabbage, earlier than Mirako, maturing in 55 days. An early variety, great for the beginning of the season. It has shown a very high tolerance to bolting. Produces a firm and heavy hand. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

turbo_ii talladega fairy_tale
Turbo II is an annual that matures in 35 days. It produces glossy, green foliage, growing to a height of 17.5 to 20 cm. It is very tolerant to heat and extremely slow to bolt.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Talladega is a hybrid cucumber, comparable to Intimidator, which matures in 52 days. It produces dark-green, smooth, 19-to-21-cm-long fruit with few spines. (
Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Fairy Tale is a dwarf eggplant adapted for cultivation in a container or garden, grows 45 to 60 cm high. It produces miniature, oval, elongated fruit, purple with white stripes. A 2005 A.A.S. winner. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)
autumn_wings_blend linx
Autumn Wings Blend gourd collection offers a delightful assortment of deeply winged gourds, warted pear gourds and other shapes. 95 days to maturity.
(Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)
Linx is an early fall hybrid, which matures in 95 days. Has dark-blue foliage. The shaft reaches 25 to 28 cm long and is non-bulbous and easy to peel. Very uniform.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Shelton is a unique hybrid leek with a distinct colour change from white to blue-green on its shafts. Shelton is suitable for summer and fall harvest, with mid-late season maturity.
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seec Co.)
bos_94057 firecracker
BOS 94057
BOS 94057 is a Two Star type, which matures in 45 days. Has curlier and darker foliage than Two Star and is very dense and heavy. Remains nice in the field longer than Two Star.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
Firecracker is a red romaine for baby leaf lettuce. Matures in 22 days. Produces full, thick, curly and shiny, dark-red leaves.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Natividad is a darker red selection with leaves a little less curly than the Lolla Rossa. Matures in 45 days. Good tolerance to bolting. Can also be used for baby leaf lettuce. 
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
rubicon honeycomb alpine
Rubicon has a medium-large plant with thick, heavily savoyed leaves. Rubicon’s outstanding uniformity, size, weight, all adds up to high-yield potential. (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

Honeycomb is an early variety that produces large fruit. Matures in 80 days. Has a vigorous vine with good fruit protection. The fruit are very sweet, slightly oval with a small seed cavity. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Alpine is a very early onion hybrid, which matures in 88 days. A medium-sized onion with light golden-brown colour with a thin neck. Not suitable for storage. For direct sowing or transplants. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)
bgs_183 calisto green_banner
BGS 183
BGS 183 is an early variety comparable to Norstar, matures in 93 days. Has golden, firm skin and thin neck. High tolerance to bolting. Meant for short-term storage. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Calisto is a large onion for the production of packets or as an early Spanish onion. Matures in 105 days. Has good tolerance to Pink Root. Excellent uniformity between bulbs. For direct sowing.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
Green Banner is an early hybrid, maturing in 60 days. Is ready to be tied seven to 10 days before Parade, although leaves are not quite as upright as those of Parade.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

red_bull sedona t__817
Red Bull is an early Red Wing type which matures in 118 days. Suitable for short-term storage.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Sedona matures in 115 days, earlier than Bradley. It has a high percentage of single centres. Has a dark skin and large size. Tolerant to fusarium and Pink Root.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

T – 817
T-817 is an earlier hybrid than Red Wing and Red Fortress, maturing in 116 days. Has dark red colour through to the centre. Very firm and uniform with a thin neck at
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
tahoe talon garland
Tahoe has maturity similar to Mountaineer. Matures in 96 days. Produces a dark brown and firm bulb. Tolerant to Pink Root. Suitable for mid-term storage.  (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Talon is a Prince type suitable for long-term storage, which matures in 103 days. Has a large, very firm bulb in a dark, golden brown colour. Has excellent skin and a thin neck.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Garland produces extra curly, triple leaves that are dark green in colour and very serrated. It is an erect and vigorous plant with a strong stem and long shelf-life. For fresh market, processing and dehydration. 
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)
excel charisma_pmr cotton_candy
Trialed as XPP 1133, this large green-to-red hybrid bell pepper offers four-lobed blocky to deep blocky fruit with excellent deep-green colour and thick walls. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
Charisma PMR (F1) is a powdery-mildew-
resistant, blocky round pumpkin with slightly
russeted, deep orange color and tough green handles. Reduced-length vine. 
(Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)
Cotton Candy is a true pumpkin with oval fruit. The five to 10 pound fruit has a white rind and white flesh that is excellent for displays or painting. (Photo courtesy of Rupp Seeds)

gold_dust king_midas oktoberfest
Darker colour, better
handles and added
benefit of powdery mildew tolerance is what you get with Gold Dust. This 90 day semi-bush, miniature pumpkin has out-yielded Jack-B-Quik by 20 per cent in fruit numbers and total weight.
(Photo courtesy of Rupp Seeds)
A new hybrid powdery-mildew-tolerant pumpkin. King Midas weighs an average of 20 to 28 pounds, has good, thick handles and a very attractive orange colour with moderate ribbing. (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

Raise a toast to this new hybrid powdery-mildew tolerant-pumpkin! Oktoberfest weighs on average 15 to 20 lbs., and has a nice, round shape, good orange colour, slight ribs and thick, black handles. (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

one_too_many phat_jack conservor
A new product with potential for decorative use. The 15 to 25 pound fruit is white with red veining. One Too Many matures in 110 days on a very large vine. It has shown good mildew tolerance plus some virus tolerance.
(Photo courtesy of Rupp Seeds)
A pumpkin with true Jack-O-Lantern shape and color, but can grow to 50+ pounds! Extraordinarily thick handles top off the only pumpkin we could truly call “Phat” – pretty huge and terrific!
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

Conservor is a hybrid by seed which matures in 90 days. Has a nice, dark brownish-pink colour. Will keep for a shorter period than Ambition.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

atlas bonbon
This commercial hybrid Butternut offers high yields of large, uniformly sized and shaped fruit. Atlas is an early maturing variety at 90 days with strong plant vigour and short vine.
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
Bonbon has the classic appearance of the perfect buttercup squash: deep-green, smooth skin. 95 days to maturity.
(Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)

Hubba Hubba fruit weighs 2 to 2.25 pounds on average, and its bush plant produces lots of fruits each, for maximum yields and profits! Bred by Hybrid Seed Company. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
rb3106 small_wonder table_star
A new, better butternut with powdery mildew tolerance and uniform fruit. The three-pound fruit matures in 90 days and performs well for growers needing uniformity for a boxed product. 
(Photo courtesy of Rupp Seeds)
Small Wonder has an attractive yellow rind and oval shape, and delivers exceptional productivity with a very good shelf life.
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

A new, PMT acorn hybrid from Rupp with excellent yields and 50 per cent higher sugars than the competitive varieties. Table Star is a two-pound, black-green acorn that matures in 70 days.  (Photo courtesy of Rupp Seeds)
bc_0805 bonjour_bc_se
BC 0805
BC 0805 is the first TripleSweet® with the added benefit of ATTRIBUTE® insect protection. Suited for main season plantings in the Midwest and Northeast, BC 0805 matures in about 82 days and has well-filled ears. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
BonJour BC Se is meant as a replacement variety for Bon Appetit but with a 20 cm ear (14 to 16 rows) and smaller diameter. Matures in 62 days. Use for fresh market, roadside stands and retail.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Envoy BC Se is an early variety, comparable to Jester II. Maturing at 61 days. It is a vigorous plant growing 1.8 to 1.9 metres high. Has a well-covered ear with 14 to 16 rows, 20 cm long.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

fantastic kristine_bc_sesh2
Fantastic has exceptional eating quality for the early-mid slot (73 days), The ears measure 7.5-8 inches, have a 16 to 18 row count, and good husk protection.
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
Kristine BC SeSh2 is a mid-season variety maturing in 72 days. Has a well-covered ear, 20 to 22 cm long with 16 rows. A vigorous plant which snaps easily. Sweet and tender taste. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

For Mirai 308BC is unbelievably tasty, loaded with sugar and rich, corn flavour.  Mirai 308BC has a relative maturity of 71 days, 7-3/4 inch ear, 16 to 18 row count, and good tip fill. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
mirai_327_bc_sh2 montauk polka
Mirai 327 BC Sh2 is a mid-season variety maturing in 72 days. A sturdy, high-yielding plant with 20 cm ears and 16 rows of kernels. Sweet taste.
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Montauk is a widely adapted bicolour seQ (Super High Quality sweet corn that must be isolated with se types, away from supersweets and shQ types). Montauk has a very classy eight-inch ear. Maturing in about 79 days. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
Polka is a synergistic version of Trinity with more sweetness and flavour in this bicolour hybrid. The ears are cylindrical with refined kernels, good husk protection, excellent vigour and single stalked. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
xtra__270a s__2548
XTRA – 270A
Xtra-Tender Brand 270A delivers aggressive early growth, refined kernels on eight-inch ears, and superior eating quality. (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

S – 2548
S-2548 is a multi-germ hybrid that matures in 58 days. It has a glossy, dark green savoyed foliage. The stems are large and dark red with white stripes, and the plant is vigorous and erect, growing to 64 cm. (Photo courtesy of Norseco)

BHN 589
BHN 589 is a main season determinate stake beef tomato variety with high yields, and excellent quality large to extra large fruit. The attractive, uniform green fruit have very good flavour and can be used for vine ripe or roadside stand production. 
cupid golden_sweet
Cupid is a small-fruited tomato hybrid, maturing in 60 days. It is an indeterminate plant that produces oval, dark red fruit that does not crack. It is resistant to F1, alternaria, grey spot and BSK. 
(Photo courtesy of Norseco)

Golden Sweet (F1) produces firm, bite-size, deep-yellow grape tomatoes in long clusters on tall, healthy plants. Resists cracking. Indeterminate. 60 days to maturity.
(Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)

Mountain Crest is a vigorous determinate stake beef tomato.  Fruit ripen to bright red exterior and interior. Fruit are flattened globe to deep oblate shape.  The extended shelf life provides added flexibility for vine ripe growers. (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
soraya sun_gold sweet_baby_girl
Soraya has shown to produce high-quality, principally extra-large and large fruit with uniform colour shoulders.  Soraya has set very well, especially at the top of the plant and is recommended for light pruning.  (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
Sun Gold is an indeterminate plant, maturing in 60 days. The small-fruited tomato hybrid is very productive and produces small, dark-orange fruit. Has a very sweet taste and interesting texture. (Photo
courtesy of Norseco)
Sweet Baby Girl is a small-fruited hybrid tomato which matures in 60 days. This semi-determinate plant produces round, dark-red fruit, three centimeters in diameter.  (Photo courtesy of Norseco)
hedgehog pepper_pumpkin new_orchid
Hedgehog is a unique ornamental.   Actually a cucumber relative, this small, striped, spiny fruit looks great mixed with ornamental gourds. Will keep for several months. Not edible. 85 days to maturity. (Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)
Pepper Pumpkin is a unique ornamental variety, maturing in 105 days.  In the field, the fruit will go from green to red to orange. When left to dry, their skin hardens and they resemble a miniature pumpkin.  (Photo courtesy of Norseco)
New Orchid (F1) is a beautiful watermelon with sweet, bright-orange flesh. Beautiful appearance inside and out.  The fruits are a medium large “icebox” size and oval-round. The skin has dark-green, high-contrast stripes.  (Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds)
top_gun wonder
Maturing in about 83 days, Top Gun is globe shaped, weighs in at about 21 to 24 pounds, has bright red flesh, and the easily recognizable crimson sweet rind pattern.  (Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)
Wonder is a sweet, mini, triploid watermelon that delivers uniform size with consistently firm, high-quality flesh.   Wonder has a dark green rind, and round shape. 
(Photo courtesy of Siegers Seed Co.)

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