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New shorter production cycle propagation trays available

August 25, 2020  By Vineland

Greater consistency in below ground quality was one of the findings from Vineland’s trial comparing vine root systems grown in RootSmart (left) and two industry standard trays. Photo courtesy of Vineland.

Grape vine propagators can now benefit from shorter production cycles without sacrificing quality when using Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s (Vineland) RootSmart propagation tray.

The RootSmart tray with its innovative wall-less, bottom-less design improves the quality of root systems during propagation.

In a comparative study with two other popular propagation trays, Vineland’s Greening the Landscape team found rootstock 3309 grafted onto Riesling vines grown in a RootSmart tray had less defected root mass. More importantly, the propagated material reached a saleable size in only 50 days compared to the standard production cycle in trays that can take as long as 80 days for Ontario grape vine propagators.


“This is an important finding as it means less time handling and caring for material by propagators which can be converted into cost savings,” said Darby McGrath, PhD, Vineland’s senior research scientist, environmental horticulture.

Up until this study, much of the research has focused on the effect of the RootSmart tray on tree root systems to reduce defects and improve longevity of trees. These results show how useful RootSmart can be for can be for other woody perennials to help with labour savings and production efficiencies.

For more information, contact Darby McGrath by email or by phone at 905-562-0320 x 766.

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