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New online community for growers

May 1, 2009  By Marg Land

May 1, 2009 – A new online grower-inspired forum is now up and running.

May 1, 2009 – A new online grower-inspired forum is now up and running.

Spray Shed is a new forum where growers from anywhere can share discussions about their crops, questions, advice, and come together to share the wealth of knowledge that exists out there in the farm community.

This forum is very new and will take time to build an established community.

To gain access to the threads, you must register. Once registered, you can view the topics in each thread, write a blog, or post in a thread.

Forums are popular tools for many hobbies and help people learn and share expertise among a greater crowd through either first hand knowledge or through discussion. There is a fit for forums in the farm community to serve this same purpose. There is always someone who knows the information that another person may require, and sometimes tracking that information down is as simple as making a quick post, and checking on it later.

Members will be able to “Private Message” one another, respond to a post in the thread, start a new topic for discussion, and subscribe to a thread to receive emails when a response has been made. Some of the current sections include Fruit, Vegetables, Row Crops and Forage, Classifieds, and Events such as tradeshows, workshops, and training. Some of these categories are broken down even further to help organize discussions and make browsing faster. The Fruit category is broken down in to sub-categories consisting of Apples, Grapes, Tender Fruit, Cherries, Berries, and Melons. The Vegetable category is also broken down into sub-categories.

To browse any new posts, click on “New Posts” and a list of new posts made since your last visit will be listed.

Come on by and check out Spray Shed at There is no fee to register.

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