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New horticulturist at Perennia

May 7, 2018  By Perennia

As many of you already know, we are expecting several ‘new additions’ here at Perennia.

Both Rosalie Madden our vegetable specialist and Jennifer Haverstock our small fruit specialist will be leaving us in the coming months for year-long maternity leaves.

To ensure consistent service delivery to our horticultural clients over the coming year, we wanted to inform industry that we have hired Matthew Peill as a general horticulturist based out of the Kentville office.


Matt is currently completing his MSc. in Biology from Acadia University, where his thesis project is on the transmission of strawberry decline disease viruses by the strawberry aphid.

He has been involved in the provincial strawberry aphid and virus monitoring program since 2013 and has had experience with spotted wing drosophila as well. Matt’s experiences as a student with both Perennia and AAFC have given him the opportunity to become familiar with the agricultural industry in the Annapolis Valley.

Matt has the full support of Perennia’s Horticultural Team and Senior Extension Specialists in tackling this significant role, and will benefit from an overlap with both Rosy and Jen, having started April 16th.

For the time being please continue to contact Jen and Rosy; upon their departures calls and emails will be forwarded to Matt at: or 902-300-4710.

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