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Minor Use Registration added to Quadris Top

June 25, 2013  By Press release

June 25, 2013, Guelph, Ont – Syngenta Canada Inc. announced recently that Quadris Top fungicide has received a minor use registration for control of Botrytis leaf blight (Botrytis squamosa) on bulb vegetables, which includes crops such as onions, garlic and leeks.

“With this minor use registration for Quadris Top, Syngenta is able to offer producers top-notch protection against Botrytis leaf blight, a yield-robbing disease that affects bulb vegetables,” states Eric Phillips, product lead for fungicides and insecticides. “Additionally, this Quadris Top registration is aligned with the U.S. registration, giving Canadian producers optimal export flexibility.”

Quadris Top fungicide combines the active ingredients azoxystrobin (a Group 11 strobilurin fungicide) and difenoconazole (a Group 3 triazole fungicide). Together, they deliver dual modes of action to systemically control Botrytis leaf blight in bulb vegetables.

Botrytis leaf blight is a common and destructive foliar disease caused by the pathogen Botrytis squamosa and can hinder bulb growth, yield and storage capability. The disease is found on bulb vegetable crops in most growing regions and is particularly troublesome for onions.

“Together, with control of purple blotch, leaf blotch, downy mildew and the suppression of Stemphylium leaf blight, the addition of Botrytis leaf blight to the Quadris Top label offers growers an even stronger fungicide solution in bulb vegetables and complements an existing suite of Syngenta brand products. It is also another example of our ongoing commitment to support minor crops,” said Phillips.

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