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Intrepid 240F label expansion

June 3, 2013  By Press release

June 3, 2013, Calgary, AB – Horticultural producers and corn growers can now use Intrepid 240F insecticide to protect even more crops against a wide variety of lepidopterous pests.

Previously registered for use in pome fruits and cranberries only, Intrepid has received approval for a significant label expansion.

Intrepid 240F initiates a lethal premature molt in specific lepidopterous pests (caterpillars) while not adversely affecting beneficial insects such as bees, predatory mites, beetles, wasps and spiders.


“Intrepid is an ideal fit for integrated pest management systems,” said Jerry Olechowski, marketing manager with Dow AgroSciences. “It has an excellent environmental profile in terms of safety to humans, mammals, birds, aquatic organisms and groundwater.”

Intrepid has both ovicidal and larvidical activity. Ingestion is the main source of activity on pests causing the larvae to stop feeding within 24 hours and providing long residual control for 10 to 14 days after application.

Intrepid controls many pests through a novel mode of action referred to as a molt accelerating compound. Intrepid is a Group 18 insecticide. Below is complete list of crops and pests registered for Intrepid 240F.

Always refer to product label for complete information.

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