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High efficiency irrigation for small areas

SmartRAIN from Bauer - modern irrigation management

July 30, 2009  By Fruit & Vegetable

smartrain_bauer_group_1July 30, 2009 – It’s flexible, smart and from a reputable company. Its
fans characterize it as an "all-rounder". You often meet it on golf
courses and other sports grounds.

SmartRAIN irrigator


July 30, 2009 – You often meet it on golf courses and other sports grounds. It’s equally versatile in agriculture, horticulture, parkland & leisure gardens. There’s quite a buzz of conversation related to latest addition to the Bauer family, the SmartRAIN irrigator. This cost-efficient irrigation unit will be launched in July.

The Bauer Group with its headquarters in the Styrian city of Voitsberg is a global market leader in irrigation technology, with the SmartRAIN the focus is on versatility: "The machine stands out due to its flexibility and cost/performance ratio," emphasizes product manager Franz-Peter Roll. This compact product is purpose designed for small-scale agriculture and leisure/recreation facilities

Three Smart Types

SmartRAIN with the Bauer special PE-pipe is available in lengths of 125 m, 150 m and 170 m and with pipe diameters of 55 mm and 63 mm. In one irrigation run, the sprinkler manages a maximum strip width of 70 m and a maximum irrigated length of 200 m. A real advantage of this new unit is its user friendliness. Swivelling the hot-dip galvanized pipe reel through 180 degrees is easily & safely carried out by a single operator. This means a second strip opposite the first area can be irrigated following the initial run – without changing the position of the unit, a saving in efficiency & labour costs.

The strong V-belt transmission drive is designed for three speed ranges. At a working pressure of at least 3,5 bar, the SmartRAIN achieves precise flow rates of 4,8 to 20 m³ per hour.

Sporty and Slender
According to the model, this slender irrigation machine weighs between 512 and 537 kilos (not filled with water). The track width of the Rainer trolley can be manually adjusted. Once the reel has been fully retracted, the system shuts off automatically. Speed control and layer compensation are also automatic. As soon as the job’s finished, the main chassis with the pipe reel will mechanically lift the Rainer trolley and the machines immediately ready for transport.

A speed indicator and an overpressure shut-off valve are optional features. In addition a wide-area rain-gun and a special booster pump are available at extra cost. For fine droplet irrigation to sensitive crops, the SmartRAIN can be optionally available with a 16m wide sprinkler / spray boom for a maximum irrigated width of 32 m.
Product Range

  • Various irrigation systems
  • Automated pivot and linear systems, i.e.: Centerstar, Centerliner, Linestar
  • Irrigation machines, i.e.: Rainstar, Duostar, Rainboy or ProRain
  • Traditional irrigation, i.e.: pipe systems and solid-set plants
  • Slurry transportation (slurry tanks)
  • Innovative slurry treatment: mixers, pumps, separators, composting and distribution
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Wastewater treatment and separation technology for the food and paper industry
  • Biogas plants
  • BRU Bedding Recovery Unit

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