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Gowan acquires active ingredients from Bayer

December 9, 2019  By Cision

Gowan Crop Protection Limited has entered into an agreement with Bayer AG to acquire the rights to two active ingredients.

Pencycuron is a foliar and seed treatment product for the control of diseases originating from Rhizoctania solani in various crops, including cotton, rice, potatoes, turf and vegetables. It has broad presence in Japan, Brazil, India and Russia, among other countries.

Fenamidone is a product for control of diseases originating from water molds or the oomycetes class of fungi, key among them being downy mildew, late blight and early blight on grapes, vegetables, potatoes and ornamentals. With sales in the U.S.A., Mexico, India, Russia, and Brazil, Fenamidone is a critical tool for many growers around the world.


The acquisition includes product registrations and trademarks including Consento, Reason, Monceren, and Prestige, and related intellectual property and labels for both fungicides. The transactions closed Dec. 1, although Bayer and Gowan will work together over the next several months to facilitate an orderly hand-off and to maintain quality customer service in all geographies. The financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

Gowan Company, based in Yuma, Ariz., believes this acquisition will expand its core product offering and allow the company to better serve growers’ needs.

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