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Funding available for B.C. farmers to buy personal protective equipment

Eligible agriculture businesses can get up to 70 per cent of their costs reimbursed if they are buying personal protective equipment to follow COVID-19 protocols.

April 29, 2020  By Fruit and Vegetable

The On-Farm Food Safety Program (OFFS) is offering COVID-19 funding from April 2020 until March 2021. B.C. companies that are eligible can seek funding to acquire Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other approved safety supplies for use at their facilities, in order to maintain a safe workplace and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

Applicants for the funding must operate agri-businesses that handle food for human consumption and can be located on a farm premise. This list includes:

  • Farmers/growers producing crops for human consumption.
  • Producers/ranchers raising animals for human consumption.
  • Packers or co-packers that handle food for human consumption.
  • Eligible organizations are On-Farm facilities prior to basic washing, grading and packaging.

OFFS will reimburse 70 per cent of the cost of funding up to $7,500, as along as the costs fall under the approved activities under Food Safety Improvement COVID-19. Eligible expenses may include: disposable gloves, face masks/shields, lab coats (re-usable), body temperature remote sensors, thermometers and cameras, but are not limited to these items.


New applicants can apply through an online application form and existing participants in the program can amend their existing work plan by logging into their profile.



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